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The Watts Charity Association, Inc.
About Us

Our purpose is to create awareness for cancer prevention.  We encourage healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition, diet, and exercise, along with regular screening tests for everyone, not just those who have a family history of cancer.

Screening Saves Lives!

The Watts Charity Association, Inc., began February 17, 2001 as The Watts Scholarship Fund. It was founded by Royce R. Watts Sr., after loosing his only brother to cancer.
The Association honors
Royce´s brother, Leonardo Watts
(Bakersfield, CA - February 2001)
his father, Frank A. Watts
(Nashville, TN - May 1988)
and his twin sister, Joyce Washington
(Los Angeles, CA - September 2001)
all of whom were lost to cancer.
In July of 2002, our founder and family
member, Royce, lost his battle to cancer.
Incorporated in August of 2002,
The Watts Charity Association, Inc.,
is a charitable non-profit organization, formed
under the laws of the state of California.
(501(c)(3) status pending)
Jevita Haley
Registered Nurse, FMS Dialysis
Elizabeth Trevor
Owner, Trevor Realty
George Walker
CEO/President Oasis Entertainment, Inc.
Denise Washington
Brand Coordinator, Hilton Hotels - Doubletree Division
Jerome Washington
Operations Manager, Boeing Aircraft
Zina Washington
Business Consultant / President Watts Charity


Zina Washington
The Watts Charity Association, Inc.

Royce R. Watts Sr.
Founder of
The Watts Charity Association, Inc.


A word from our founder

Ethics Statement
Values, Ethics and Guidelines for Behavior
The Watts Charity Association, Inc., as a private charitable organization, has a responsibility to society.  As stewards of such, The Watts Charity Association:
         Affirms its commitment to the fight
         against cancer.
         Will encourage research relating to
         cancer prevention.
          Is committed to the ethical use of
          information and funds.
          Will use absolute discretion and
          confidentiality regarding sensitive
          Will develop stong links with other
          cancer fighting organizations,
          educational institutions, research
          agencies, and community groups.
The Watts Charity Association is intent upon building a reputation on the fundamental principles of honesty, integrity and reliability.
Our business practices reflect the importance we attach to these principles.
We strive to maintain high standards of ethical behavior when dealing with customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, contractors, and the community.
We expect these high standards of all those who represent The Watts Charity Association, Inc.

Founders Statement

from which we came


In February 2001, after my uncle (Leonardo Watts Sr.) passed away from cancer, I felt like I had to do something to warn and save other family members from cancer.  At that time, my mother (Joyce Washington) and my other uncle, (Royce Watts Sr., her twin brother) also had cancer.  I thought of distributing a newsletter to warn relatives about the dangers of cancer, and to provide information on what can be done to prevent anyone else from getting it.


The day after Uncle Leonard's funeral, February 18th 2001, my father (Lawrence G. Washington Sr.) and Uncle Royce were sitting in the breakfast room, while I and other relatives sat in the dining room.  My Uncle stated that he wanted to do something in honor of his brother.  "Why dont we start a scholarship fund in honor of Leonardo?" he said.  Everyone thought this was a good idea.  I agreed to start it up, and our organization began.


After months of collaboration and assistance we came to a consensus.  After research and different business experiences and ideas, and after a few more family deaths from cancer, we have come to place of stability.  We are certain of our goals and direction, and the assistance we want to lend to everyone.


It is our sincerest hope that other families do not suffer the traumatic experience of loosing so many, in such a short amount of time, to cancer.  Our anthem is to preach prevention. We must practice preventative measures to stop the development of cancer.  Our mission is to educate the public on what can be done to prevent cancer.


Zina Washington


October 2003

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